Need some help writing your personal statement or essays for college? Here are some helpful tips that can help guide you through the process. There is also a component for the Common App that can help show you what college admission representatives are really look for. If you need some help feel free to stop by the guidance office!




10 Helpful Tips for Future College Students

It is always helpful to receive helpful tips from students who have been through the college process. This article provides 10 helpful tips for when you get to college and need some extra guidance from students who have been there and done that. Learning from former students is a great way to prepare for your college experience.

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You’ve worked hard to get where you are: studied nights when friends went out, took classes that Einstein would struggle with, and stayed focused on the next goal: college.  From what your parents, friends, guidance counselors say you know college will be hard.  But, is it worth it?  Is it worth the debt, the sleepless nights, and sacrifice?  This article, Not All College Degrees Are Created Equal, says so.  According to the authors, unemployment for students with new Bachelor’s degrees is at 8.9%, but for students with only a high school diploma it stands at 22.9%.  You can make up your own mind.  But, it seems all the sweat and tears are worth it.  Read the rest of the article for an in-depth view of how different majors fare in the job market.




Volunteering is an intentional act in which you give your time to help clean up a park, read to younger students, or work with elderly people.  It gives back to your community and lets other people know you care.  In the world of college admissions, it is an important component to a college application.  It lets the college admissions officer know you are a well rounded individual, capable of giving your time, skills, and efforts to make the world a better place.  Read this article from the United Way to discover some more benefits of volunteering:




Bullying is a serious problem some schools.  It is serious enough the federal government has created a website, www.stopbullying.gov/, to educate parents, students, and the community on the effects of bullying and how to stop it.  It’s worth a look.

Do you like playing video games?  Do you think you could make the next best video game?  Some colleges offer the chance to study video game design.  Drexel, Carnegie Mellon, and M.I.T. are among the many colleges that are offering these courses.  If you believe the saying, “Do what you love”, then these schools may be worth looking into!  

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When choosing a college major, you may hear many different opinions as what to choose.  People may tell you to choose a major that will land you a great job after college, some may say to choose a major that offers the best long term prospects, while others may say do what you like.  Who should you listen to?  Ultimately, the choice is yours.  Read this article to decide what is the best path for you: