Internships are like volunteer work right?  There are differences, such as this experience is benefiting you, where as volunteering benefits the greater good.  Seniors at Jenkintown have the opportunity to go out on internships for the last month or so of school, grades, attendance, and behavior matter in the selection process.  Of course this looks good to potential employers, it might even land you a position.  Internship experience is valuable for those who take part because you get the opportunity to learn through positive experiences as well as potential mistakes.

This experience is not for everyone.  Maturity, how you present yourself, and social media profiles can make or break your candidacy.  Enjoy the read!



Yes, you may be interested in Art History, Accounting, Creative Writing, Philosophy, or Psychology, but do degrees in these majors create job opportunities?  This article from Forbes Magazine explains the results of a survey done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) from 10,000 college graduates (Bachelor’s level) to see what majors end up with the most job opportunities and which jobs offer the best starting salaries.  

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Have you wanted to take an online class to see what it is like? Have you wondered what college classes might entail? If yes, this is the perfect opportunity for you! The resources below allow you to sign-up for free online college courses from the best colleges!! There are also a variety of classes and topics to learn about! The most exciting part about this opportunity is that it is FREE, you are able to connect with classmate throughout the world, and you are able to complete it at home, at the library, or anywhere you would like! If you think that this could be a great learning experience for you, log onto these websites to find out more! If you have any questions come to guidance and we can help you see if this would be a great starting point for you in your college journey! Click below to find out more!
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This article is an interesting read with tips for students who have a natural ability to do well in their classes without lifting a finger. Most students dedicate a lot of time towards studying and learning new information, but for the rare few students that can easily succeed in high school without exerting too much brain power, here are a few tips for when you move onto college. It is important to remember that resources that are available are there for EVERY student so they should be utilized especially when transitioning from high school to college.

This article is written by a college student who feels that the SAT and ACT should not hold as much weight as they do. He is pushing for the SAT and ACT tests to become optional. He writes about students who come from high income families having a better oppurtunity to suceced on these tests because they are better equipped with knowledge due to prep courses and tutoring. Follow the link to see if you agree or disagree with making this an option for our students.


Are you interested in pursuing writing as a career? Wondering what schools are the best for majoring in writing? Check out this website for the top ten schools that offer a writing major. Some of these schools you would not expect to be front runners, but visit their websites and you will see all that they have to offer. Every school has unique features that may appeal to you so look for the school who seems like the best “FIT” for you!These schools are the best of the best in this field! If you find any schools of interest be sure to log-in to Family Connection and add them to your list. You can also look up what they look for as far as SAT scores and GPA’s. Click this link to start discovering new schools with your major!


This report written by the Executive Director of the SAT, Jennifer Karan, provides an in-depth look into the importance of the SAT. The report provides data that includes: academic data, demographic data, and socioeconomic data that can help show how college-bound students are doing when it comes to the SAT.  This report is informative for not only educators, but for parents and students. The report can help these audiences understand the importance of the SAT as well as, answer some of the major questions surrounding the SAT. Please follow the link to if you would like to become more informed about the SAT.